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Understanding Confidentiality Agreements
(ISBN 0 9581 452 10)

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The aim of the book is to give managers and employees a broad understanding of confidentiality agreements that are presented to them for signature, in the course of business.

Understanding Confidentiality Agreements

The benefits of a confidentiality agreement when used properly and intelligently are also explained.

Many managers have little understanding of the nuances of confidentiality agreements. Indeed many have been encountering and reading them for years, often without an appreciation of their full significance.

An injudicious move with a confidentiality agreement could leave a company's valuable intellectual property unprotected and open for disclosure and use.

In many cases, a company's single most valuable asset will be its intellectual property.

To protect confidential and proprietary information, preventative measures and safeguards are the best tools available. Once the information is already "out there" and available to others, it is too late.

The differences between fair confidentiality agreements and those that are unduly onerous are examined. This will help the manager to understand what factors account for these differences and how to spot them.

Also covered are the limits that confidentiality agreements have and why they are not the total protection that some might think.

The book then explains the essential elements necessary to have a complete confidentiality agreement.

Along the way, you will learn how unscrupulous players may seek to gain an unfair advantage, at your expense, through the use of confidentiality agreements and how to avoid "getting caught".

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