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Understanding Effective Contract Evaluation
(ISBN 0 9581 452 61)

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This book gives managers and employees an understanding of how organisations review and evaluate contracts in the course of business.

Understanding Effective Contract Evaluation

The current climate of business is one of heightened awareness of risk and of continued attempts to outsource and transfer such risk, wherever possible.

Failure to detect attempts to unfairly transfer such risk can have devastating effects upon an organisation.
Directors certainly do not wish to be exposed to personal liability for having committed their company to a major loss-making contract or one that lacked basic and necessary safeguards. Worse still would be the case where valuable proprietary rights were actually surrendered or even given away.

Through the use of examples, the differences between the competing methods that organisations employ in the evaluation of contracts are explained. The merits and disadvantages of the competing methods are considered as well as illustrating the impact of each method on the effectiveness or otherwise of the contract evaluation process.

There is an examination of the pros and cons of the different methods of contract evaluation that an organisation can employ. The most appropriate method for an organisation will depend upon the size and structure of the organization as well as having much to do with its compliance culture.

By gaining an understanding of these methods, the reader will be equipped to consider the effectiveness of their own organisation's methods and to assist in reassessing and improving them.

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